Meet our Team

Calliou Group staff work together to best represent the interests of our clients.

We bring a range of strengths to the table, gained through a combination of education and experience.

We are proud of the exceptional team that we have assembled, and look forward to serving you.
Tracy Campbell
Tracy Campbell, Principal

“I believe there is room and need for constant innovation in our field. I push my Team to find better ways to involve Aboriginal Nations in consultation. Making sure that all of our clients benefit from our collective knowledge about Aboriginal rights is our focus.

I am passionate about the field of Aboriginal rights. I love sharing with our clients how Canada’s history has shaped how we do things today. I love talking with clients and connecting strategic dots; working with them to find out how our Team can help achieve their goals. I think that’s my strength; being able to harness each of our Team’s abilities to our clients best advantage.”

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Germaine Conacher
Germaine Conacher

“My strength is being able to determine clear direction in complex situations and solve problems for our clients. I am an experienced project manager and enjoy guiding projects from inception to successful conclusion. My current projects involve working predominately for government and industry clients; however, the work that I am most proud of is Aboriginal Rights Studies that I have done on behalf of Aboriginal clients and building awareness related to Aboriginal Consultation.

My favorite aspect of my job is that I get to travel and meet interesting people; I feel very lucky to have worked with Aboriginal Nations throughout western Canada. I also love working with the Calliou Group team and believe that all of our projects are strengthened based on our team’s diverse and complementary skills.”

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Adena Vanderjagt
Adena Vanderjagt

“I have particular expertise working with Industry clients, supporting Aboriginal Consultation and Regulatory Approvals teams. I’m incredibly organized, pride myself on my detail-orientation and am skilled at managing multiple goals and timelines. I bring my GIS and Graphic Design abilities and my technological skills to every project undertaken by the Calliou Group team.

The best part of my job is working in and with Aboriginal Nations. I enjoy learning about the varied cultures across western Canada, meeting wonderful people and expanding my knowledge each and every time I have the chance to work with a new Nation.”

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Shauna McGarvey
Shauna McGarvey

“I joined Calliou Group after a year with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development as a Regulatory Consultation Advisor. Prior to that, I taught anthropology at the University of Calgary and conducted doctoral research in anthropology on Aboriginal Rights Studies, indigenous knowledge, and conservation governance with southern Alberta First Nations and Parks Canada. I also have extensive experience working on archaeological, cultural, environmental and heritage related projects in Alberta and other parts of the world.

I bring my skills as an anthropologist, qualitative researcher, and educator to Calliou Group. Particularly relevant is my ability to understand and communicate a Nation’s oral history, traditional land use and concerns to a variety of Aboriginal, industry and government clients. I have always been a passionate communicator about Aboriginal issues and Calliou Group with its emphasis on Aboriginal awareness and consultation is a natural fit for me.

What I like most about working with Calliou Group is working with Aboriginal Nations, learning their stories and communicating their concerns.”

Email me, or call me at 403.354.0843

Ryland Brennan
Ryland Brennan

“With an academic background studying law, society and anthropology; I strive to facilitate the goals of Aboriginal, industry and government clients to the best of my ability. Calliou Group allows me to broaden my understanding of the issues faced by Aboriginal Groups across Canada while continuing to develop my understanding of the regulatory and legal frameworks related to Aboriginal Consultation.

My strengths are my attention to detail and my passion for my work. My current projects include tracking records of consultation for industry clients and supporting Aboriginal Rights Studies for Calliou Group’s Aboriginal clients.”

Email me, or call me at 587.435.0133

Stephen Rainforth
Stephen Rainforth

“I have a rich background in print and digital design, branding, and marketing. Over the years I’ve providing creative solutions for industries as diverse as fashion retailers, corporate marketing giants, and the nonprofit sector.

My creative services for Calliou Group began with a corporate rebranding effort in 2010 that included a new website, logo and stationery system.

As the designated creative resource for Calliou Group I provide design, digital and production services for projects ranging from Calliou Group’s signature client reports, automated presentations, advertising promotions as well as user interface design for their premiere “Understanding Aboriginal and Treaty Rights” online training platform and companion coffee table book.

One of my great creative pleasures comes from designing even the simplest things well. Everything deserves its own flair!”