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There are three parties in the Aboriginal consultation process — Aboriginal Nations, Government Regulators and Natural Resource Developers.

Calliou Group has experience representing all three perspectives.

For Aboriginal Nations

Aboriginal and treaty rights are constitutionally protected.

That means Aboriginal consultation is triggered when a natural resource development project is proposed within your Traditional Territory and it has the potential to adversely affect your Section 35 rights. The Crown is required to consult your Nation on the potential adverse impacts from that project.

Calliou Group can:

  • Conduct a project-specific Aboriginal Rights Study for use in environmental assessments
  • Assist with Proponent discussions
  • Review completed environmental assessment reports and applications on your behalf

For Natural Resource Developers

Good Aboriginal consultation manages legal risk.

Although the duty of Aboriginal consultation rests with the Crown, the Crown may delegate Aboriginal consultation activities to your company. Knowing how to develop and implement a successful Aboriginal consultation program is key to managing legal risk to your proposed project.

Calliou Group can:

  • Provide internal Aboriginal consultation training
  • Support an existing Aboriginal consultation program
  • Develop and implement Aboriginal consultation strategies for upcoming projects

For Regulatory Authorities

Good Aboriginal consultation upholds the honour of the Crown.

Ensuring that meaningful Aboriginal consultation occurs in the context of regulatory decisions can both improve Crown decision making and manage risk that may result from a lack of Aboriginal consultation.

Calliou Group can:

  • Manage and support Crown Aboriginal consultation process
  • Manage record of communication tracking
  • Provide internal Aboriginal consultation training